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“I enjoy discovering what it is that my clients may want to change and who they want to become.”

~ Dan McGee

Counseling Services

Treatment Approach

Dan McGee uses integrative therapies that recognize four dimensions of human behavior: psychological, social/relational, physical and spiritual. Each client is viewed as an individual who is part of a system and who is heavily influenced by his/her family of origin or its substitute.

Dan believes the spiritual dimension is an important personal aspect of the client’s life. He respects and supports that. “For me it is not inconsistent to focus first on the primary identified issue and when appropriate begin exploring deeper existential issues.”

Areas of Expertise

Dan McGee Ph.D., LMFT, FAACS is a clinician and author, and a former psychology professor, director of a graduate program in Family Psychology and researcher who has been studying and treating stress-related issues in individuals for most of his career. He has written extensively on stress management and co-authored a book on forced terminations.

He has co-authored a book on emotional and sexual intimacy in marriage, and published CDs on stress and panic disorder. His approach is client-centered with attention to the influence of family systems. He uses cognitive-behavioral modalities in therapy, depending on the needs of the client.

Contact Information for Counseling Services

Dan McGee, Ph.D., LMFT, FAACS

Dan McGee Associates, Inc.
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