Leadership Services

“Effective leadership begins with objective self-knowledge, understanding of others and matching strengths to tasks. The Birkman Method® is an ideal tool for revealing how to accomplish this.”

~ Dan McGee

Developing your own leadership skills will help you

  • Expand your own leadership toolkit
  • Identify and develop the leadership skills of your team or staff
  • Appreciate the value of and build diversity among your team or staff
  • Handle conflict more effectively
  • Improve your overall job effectiveness and satisfaction


Annette Miller, Birkman Advanced Certified Professional, works with pastors and their staffs, executives and their teams, and individuals, coaching them through a variety of circumstances. In her work with nonprofits, she uses the BGCT Leader Report and BGCT Leadership Styles™ Report based on The Birkman Method®, a leading assessment instrument for businesses and nonprofits. This nonjudgmental and nonclinical tool has been proven sound through statistical and reliability studies as well as through wide-spread practical use.


Teams and groups of various sizes and types gain higher individual and team awareness and workshops. These are not your typical listen-to-learn occasions. These seminars and workshops are highly practical and interactive.

For additional information about leadership, we invite you to contact us at info@drdanmcgee.com or 469-600-5644.

Sample Birkman Reports