Increasing Leadership Effectiveness

“Leaders are found everywhere, and not just in the boardroom or the top of the organizational chart. Learning about yourself and others brings powerful knowledge that you can use to become more effective in your work and relationships, while increasing your satisfaction with both.”

Annette Miller

The BGCT Leader Report and BGCT Leadership Styles™ Report

Dan McGee, PhD, and his professional colleague Frank Larkey, PhD,^ researched and created a leadership styles assessment targeted for the Christian clergy and lay leaders. This new resource was based on The Birkman Method®of measurement. A major portion of this online computerized report emerged from a two-year study of peer-selected effective Christian leaders sponsored by Texas Baptists (Baptist General Convention of Texas).

The outcome of this research was the BGCT Leader Report and the BGCT Leadership Styles™ Report which are available for nonprofit organizations. In addition, these reports have been given to thousands of ministry students and have been used by churches, religious and religion-based institutions, universities and seminaries.*

Two reports are used together:

The BGCT Leader Report is a comprehensive report that measures five primary horizons:

  1. High performance strength behaviors
  2. Internal motivators and needs
  3. Low performance stress behaviors
  4. The Life Style Grid™
  5. Personal and professional interests

The BGCT Leadership Styles™ Report is a powerful leadership styles report. Christian leaders find it particularly useful because the report not only describes their own leadership style, but identifies the kind of environments best suited for this leadership style. The report also relates their leadership style to their spiritual life.

Additional reports are available including a Birkman Comparative Report between two peers or a supervisor and subordinate and a Birkman Career Report.

Reports are generated from an online questionnaire that takes about 40 minutes to complete. Both of these reports are delivered with an individual interpretation by phone or in person by Annette Miller, Birkman® Certified Consultant.

* Ministry students in universities and seminaries receive the BGCT Leader Report and the BGCT Leadership Styles™ Report through the BGCT Ministry Student Birkman Program from LifeSync Leadership, LLC. (

The Birkman Method®

The Birkman Method® is a non-clinical and non-judgmental multi-dimensional assessment. It is a powerful tool used to identify an individual’s motivations, behaviors and interests. The Birkman assessment is used in coaching, teambuilding, selection, leadership, development, conflict and more.

Proven sound by statistics and reliability studies, it remains one of the assessments longest in use for businesses and non-profits. In its more than 60 year history, Birkman International, Inc., continues the mission of scientific quality and excellence through ongoing internal research and research collaborations with business and academia.


 ^ Dr. Larkey is a global thought leader in the research of science and art of ideas and is a expert in research, developmental psychology, ethics, religion and leadership coaching/consulting.

Contact Information for Leadership Services

Annette Miller
Birkman Advanced Certified Professional


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  • 17 Marks of a Healthy Minister: While serving as Coordinator of Leader Research and Product Development for Texas Baptists (BGCT) Dr. McGee created this document, approved for use in a grant proposal, for the Center for Christian Leadership.
  • Keys to Effective Leadership: Inspired by The Leadership Challenge: Third Edition, by Kouzes and Posner, Dr. McGee tried to capture the essence of effective leadership in this brief offering to doctoral students during a leadership assessment seminar in the spring of 2006.
  • Narrative on Leadership at UMHB: Dr. McGee presented this narrative at a 2014 leadership seminar based on the Birkman® assessment with doctoral students at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. He shares his observations about leadership from his experiences with the White House under President Jimmy Carter and with Tom Landry, former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Ministering to the Ministering: Read about the importance of ministers and counselors supporting one another.


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