Dan McGee, PhD

Author, professor, counselor and entrepreneur, Dr. Dan McGee is an acknowledged leader in the field of stress management. He has been studying stress and its related health effects and non-productive behaviors throughout his career. As a result he has developed successful therapies and action plans for recognizing the signs and countering the causes of unhealthy stress.
Dan McGee has been recognized at the highest levels of national or international academies for his work in behavioral medicine, stress management, clinical sexology, medical psychotherapy and marriage/family therapy.

Dan created The ABCs of Stress®, a stress assessment and management plan. It has been broadly accepted and successfully implemented in a variety of organizations since the 1980s.

In the early 2000s, Dan and his colleague Frank Larkey, PhD, developed the BGCT Leader Report and BGCT Leadership Styles™ Report for the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT). These reports are based on the results of peer-selected effective leaders using The Birkman Method® of behavioral assessment.

In addition to his personal counseling practice and development of these widely used instruments, Dan has established and led two regional mental health organizations; directed a university Family Psychology graduate program; and directed the BGCT Counseling and Psychological Services serving ministers and their family members of 5,600 churches, nine universities, two seminaries, numerous hospital/medical systems and social service agencies.

For the past decade Dan has concentrated his energies on counseling and publication. Currently Dan is writing a new book, Life in the Balance, which combines elements of his books on stress management and spiritual disciplines with the lifestyle characteristics of Jesus Christ.

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