Choosing Balance: The ABCs of Stress® Management (Bound version)


Book 1 in the ABCs of Stress® Series

Learn how to minimize stress responses by creating more healthy patterns of thinking, acting and feeling. Based on Dr. McGee’s research and proven by years of success, Choosing Balance meets the rising need of stressed-out people seeking help.

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Learn how to work through your stress reactions by creating more healthy patterns of feeling, thinking and acting. This book is developed from the original research and doctoral dissertation in Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention in Stress Management by Dan McGee, PhD. The book provides a look inside stress – its definition, impact on the human body and his ABCs of Stress® Model. Worksheets are included to guide readers as they identify unhealthy thinking patterns, emotions and behaviors; determine productive practices of thinking, acting and feeling; and establish those productive practices for long-term health by using his proven method for reprogramming the brain.

Select Chapters include:

  • Defining Stress
  • The Cognitive Continuum
  • Choosing Your Focus
  • How to Use McGee’s ABC Stress Assessment©
  • Negative Thought Chains
  • Positive Thought Chains
  • Your ABC Stress Management Plan

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Format: Bound version

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