Experiencing God’s Presence: A Personal Guide Through Six Spiritual Disciplines (Bound version)


The search for God’s “Presence” begins with God’s initiative—God’s search for intimacy with us. Learn how to experience God’s Presence through the practice of six spiritual disciplines from the ancient believers through this inspirational workbook.

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Learn to experience God’s presence through the practice of six spiritual disciplines practiced by ancient believers and explained simply and practically in this inspirational workbook. Dan McGee used extensive research and his own personal spiritual experiences to build this book on spiritual disciplines. His stories capture the essence of building a lifestyle of experiencing God’s presence. Each of the six disciplines has an application section to help individuals learn to develop the skills until they become intuitive.

“This is mandatory reading for everyone desiring ‘Real Peace’ and ‘True Intimacy’ with God.”

– Rev. Larry J. Ballard

“…practical, clear, obviously written by someone who has walked the walk. There is no spiritual gobbledygook here, no pretension, just the insight and wisdom of one who loves churches, their members, and hurting people in every walk of life.”

-Rev. Linda Cross, M.A., Congregational Consultant

“Today’s Christian is faced with a chaotic and broken world. Dr. McGee’s process of bringing balance back into the life of the Christian is truly amazing. Through Experiencing God’s Presence he’s challenged me considerably to refocus my efforts on getting away and getting alone with God. “

-Rev. Truett King, Associate Pastor/Pastoral Care

“Dan’s ‘Six Spiritual Disciplines’ has provided me a simple plan that is easy to understand and easy to follow. These disciplines have given me a refreshing view of life and ministry and have invigorated my walk with Christ.”

-Dan McManus, Church Lay Leader

“Dan McGee’s ‘Six Spiritual Disciplines’ provides a plan that we all need to draw closer to God. It’s easy to follow, a pleasure to read, and will inspire you, as you grow in your ministry.”

-Dr. Charlie Moore, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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