By letting people see God’s Presence in the struggles and failures of our lives we are able to connect at the most relevant places and learn that we are not alone.
Resilience is the creative energy produced by courage, confidence and persistence in the face of repeated challenge. It is the outcome of a balanced life.
Meet Dan

Dr. Dan McGee is an acknowledged leader in the field of stress management and leader development. He has been honored at the highest levels by national and international academies for his work in behavioral medicine, stress management, clinical sexology, medical psychotherapy and marriage/family therapy.

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Celebrating Sex in Your Marriage

For new and established marriages, this book written by Dr. Dan and Sandra McGee outlines the ingredients of emotional and sexual intimacy, and includes original Q & As from their workshops.

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Audio Clips

Listen to excerpts from Dan’s audio cds.

ABCs of Stress
Talking Through a Panic Attack

*From Dr. McGee’s upcoming book, Life in the Balance: Spiritual Resilience for the Stressed-Out Soul

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